ACCENT, not liposuction, for cellulite

ACCENT radiofrequency treats cellulite

ACCENT radiofrequency treats cellulite

Patients come to see me all the time with the hope of correcting issues with localized cellulite.  Frequently, they will tell me that they need liposuction to correct it and want to know how soon they can get on the operating room schedule.  The biggest problem is that liposuction does not improve cellulite; in fact it can make it appear worse. However, Alma’s FDA-approved RFA (radiofrequency ablation) non-surgical treatment very effective for reducing the appearance of cellulite.

What is the ACCENT YOUR BODY™ treatment?


The ACCENT™ is an FDA-approved, non-invasive, non-ablative machine using the most advanced radiofrequency technology to treat cellulite (skin wrinkles).  At the RoxSpa, we have also seen incredible results for volume loss and skin tightening when using these treatments for skin laxity and facial wrinkling, loose chins and necks, and volume loss of the abdomen, thighs, and hips.


Does it really work?


YES!  The results speak for themselves.  In addition to cellulite, the we  have successfully treated all of the following areas:

§         Post-pregnancy “pooch”

§         Love Handles

§         Male abdominal fat

§         Sagging facial skin

§         Neck and Chin

§         Hips, Thighs and Buttocks for volume loss


Does it hurt?  Is there downtime?


Basically, no.  Most patients report this treatment is virtually painless and feels like a nice, warm massage.  There is no downtime and Accent™ RF treatments don’t require any topical anesthetics.  The ACCENT™ employs continuous contact cooling which provides patient comfort and protection to the epidermis (outmost layer of skin).

They can produce some mild redness at the treated site which goes away within an hour or two.  There is no bruising.  Any mild pain following the treatment is abated by having the patient drink adequate amounts of water to help clear any byproducts of the procedure.

This FDA-approved medical technology is the ONLY system on the market that provides both unipolar and bipolar radiofrequency technology.  This is important because it allows the practitioner to treat cellulite at two different tissue depth levels.  One radiofrequency targets deep dermal heating that causes those deep bundles of fat to lose their ties to the connective tissue to bring about skin remodeling and new collagen formation.  The other radiofrequency improves blood circulation to the areas to help drain fatty deposits and toxins.  The dual-frequencies work in concert to ultimately shrink fat cells leaving a much-improved overall contour of the skin surface.


What is cellulite?

You know it if you have it, right?  Cellulite is that lumpy bumpy “cottage cheese” look that is often found on the thighs and buttocks or the belly.  Cellulite is really just a collection of fat that gets “caught” in connective tissue beneath a person’s skin.  When this happens it causes the outside surface of the skin to take on that lumpy look.  In case you wonder if you have cellulite, you can just pinch a bit of skin on your thigh.  If that pinched skin looks lumpy, you most likely have cellulite.

What can I do about it?

Until recently, much of the advice given to women to reduce cellulite was to lose excess body fat, exercise with strength training, use some anti-cellulite creams, or indulge in often expensive salon treatments that produce only mild, temporary reductions in the appearance of cellulite.

Now, there is something different.  Now, you can try a medically approved technology to treat your cellulite in the safe environment of the RoxSpa—the safe and very effective ACCENT YOUR BODY™ treatment.

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